Africa is my fovourite place, so far it is definitely my favourite place. I’ve been asked so many times where Botswana is, I thought this would explain.

The wildlife here is just amazing, so many elephants!

Zebras looking out for eachother. If they stand like this they can keep watch in  all directions

Giraffes having a rumble

Butter wouldn’t melt..!

Warthogs often kneel down to eat

Colourful bee eaters and sun birds, eagles, vultures, waders… too many to list. It’s so dificult to choose, but I just had to show you this vereaux eagle owl with it’s chick.

We were lucky enough to see some of the rarer animals too. Don’t want to get too close to this honey badger with his fearsome reputation.

Wild dogs resting in the shade

The wildlife is mostly uninterested in people unless they get too close. They’re so used to us, but we did manage to annoy an elephant or two.  They are such gentle giants and they do give fair warning. This first one is just a young male with a lot of attitude


He may be young but is a force to be reckoned with because of his size.

This guy meant business though, definitely time to go.

Just a thought, I haven’t included cats, just to put that right this is a leopard taken in the last light of the day.

Evening light .

The laziest lion blocking the road, this is as animated as he got!