Painting the Northern Goshawk

I promised to make a post showing a painting in progress, What better then a goshawk? I really enjoy painting birds of prey and the goshawk must be king. I started with photos I took on my trip to the Czech Republic, she’s a rescued bird which flies completely free – no jesses.
I usually give my canvas some sort of hot coloured wash, it means I don’t have to fight the blank white of a new canvas, In this instance I started with a fair chunk of the background then started on the bird.

It’s important to follow the markings very closely, if it’s not right it’s …but we don’t mention that word!

A fiddly job but worth the hours

Getting there,

The feet are quite tricky, goshawks have very long toes!

-and claws

Background in and signed,  then it’s off to the printer,  then the framer then away to a  new home. – this one is sold but needless to say the prints have arrived and the print is here