To Photograph Tigers in India

It would be so difficult to describe my experience in India so I’ll just just try to give a snapshot, the people are a delight, so kind and friendly and able to send their kids to school immaculately dressed from houses with no running water or washing machines or electric irons, The air and roads are so dusty and hot with cars and cows, lorries, motor bikes, pony carts, goats, dogs, tuk tuks and buses all sharing the same space. Somehow it just works. Leaving me unable to cross the road without a guide.


The hunt for tigers began at Pench National Park, starting out at dawn, piled into jeeps we set out, The spooted deer keep company with the languar monkeys probably to give alarm when a tiger is near.


With guides who are so focused on getting close to the tigers taking time out to photograph the birds is a little ticky,

A golden oriole

Goar, a massive animal

crowned eagle

But no tigers, Bandhavgarh was the last hope,
Then on the first drive into the park



What an amazing trip! I’ll go back.