Sandmartin Chicks

nesting sandmartins
On a nearby beach, in a high sand cliff, tiny sandmartins nest,
sandmartin chicks
They really are small birds, you can see the scale from the fly lower in this photo.
sandmartin chick grounded
The cliff is so friable this sometimes happens, a chick had fallen out of the nest, I had no idea which nest it came from and there was no way to reach the fifteen feet or so up the cliff – with herring gulls closing in there was only one thing to do, so I picked the tiny mite up and took it home.
All the rescue centres were closed, it was 6.00 on a Saturday, so we were in the chair.
After a reluctant start it took cat food (always a good standby)from a small paintbrush and we were able to keep it going untill the wonderful Mousehole Bird Sanctuary took it over for us, A happy ending I think.